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The following information is based on Q&A I managed to score with Luminar AI developers.

First 30,000 customers get an early bird bonus discount, access to free tutorial, and spepcial

What do we know so far?


On September 3, 2020, Skylum unveiled revolutionary Luminar AI.

Luminar AI is all about powerful AI’s which focus on delivering outstanding results, cutting out the time-consuming photo editing.

Luminar AI will bring an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process,” said Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum. “We’ve designed Luminar AI from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We’re really excited to see what Luminar AI can do for creatives everywhere.

Luminar AI will help make image editing easier for everyone. We’ve removed the boring and difficult parts of photo editing without sacrificing creativity. Luminar AI will be a great tool in a creator’s workflow. They can focus on great results – not on the process of editing,” added Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum.

Who is Luminar AI for?

It is designed for amateur and professional photographers, visual communicators, and for those who rely on pictures to communicate their important messages and grow their opportunities or reputation, such as bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, educators, and small and medium-sized businesses.

What is Luminar AI?

Luminar AI is a brand new product. It is not a successor to Luminar 4.

It offers an alternative approach to photo editing, which focuses on the results rather than on the process.

Although it is a completely new piece of software, it won’t feel different. User interface, though updated and refreshed, will resemble Luminar 4’s UI.


LuminarAI icon white background 300x300
Luminar AI logo

I asked Luminar AI developers about the meaning of the new logo.

It’s shaped as a pyramid upon which colours represent life, art, and (artificial) intelligence.

Landscape photography

  • Atmosphere AI and SkyEnhancer add depth and detail to skies,
  • Sky AI transforms photos by adding an all-new sky in a few seconds,
  • Enhance the sun with Sunrays,
  • Golden Hour brings warm accents to photos, mimicking the light around sunrise and sunset.
Luminar AI Sky AI
Sky AI interface


Portraits is where Luminar AI excels. Its powerful AI tools are capable of yielding results a professional would need half an hour in Photoshop to achieve.

  • Body AI and Face AI are designed to help sculpt and refine portraits,
  • A brand new Iris AI creates rich and expressive eyes,
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with Skin AI.

Body AI

Luminar AI Body AI
Body AI interface
Luminar AI Skin AI
Skin AI interface

Professional finishing

  • StructureAI is the perfect tool to add more detail and texture,
  • Crop and fix your images with Composition AI,
  • Achieve perfect exposure and colour with Accent AI


The new Luminar AI is based around Templates. The way it works is that Luminar AI recognizes content in the photo and suggests the best template for this content, speeding up the editing process.

These edits are applied instantly.

Although the AI makes all decisions for you, you still retain in full control over the edits and AI’s decisions.

Mac Specifications

Hardware: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or better

Memory: 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM recommended)

OS: macOS 10.13.6 or higher. macOS 10.12 is NOT supported.

Hard disk: 10 GB of free space. SSD for best performance

Display: 1280×768 size or better

Windows Specifications

Hardware: Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or better, AMD Ryzen™ 5 or better

Graphics: Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphic Cards

Memory: 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM recommended)

OS: Windows 10 64-bit ONLY. Windows 7 and WIndows 8.1 are not supported.

Hard disk: 10 GB of free space. SSD for best performance

Display: 1280×768 size or better

Plug-in hosts

  • Lightroom Classic (starting from version 6)
  • Photoshop (from version CS5)
  • Photos for macOS


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch

Five reason why Luminar AI is worth getting

#1 You’ll save a lot of time

Time is the most valuable asset you and I own, yet traditional photo editing tools take a lot of your precious time.

Majority of photo editors is built on the approach that been used for decades without improvements. You need to perfectly balance Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Brightness, Contrast, Saturations, etc.

Mastering these settings takes years and even when you become a pro they still take time to perform.

Luminar AI features Accent AI which analyzes the image and automatically performs adjustments – you just need to drag ONE slider.

#2 You’ll be more productive

AI takes away the need for layers.

Professional photo retouching requires tens of layers, brushes, and masks, which not only make the process more complex but also slow down your device.

To fight that, AI performs multiple tasks with just one slider. For example, Skin AI smoothes skin, preserves texture, reduces shine, and removes blemishes.

#3 Boost your creativity

Not only is the starting part of editing the hardest, it also limits your creativity. You become too focused on one way to edit.

Luminar AI introduces Templates, which recognize the content of your image and recommend the most appropriate Template (=preset) for it, while you still retain the full control over the final product.

#4 Simplified

AI tools simplify the process. There’s no need for countless layers, masks, and tools. Everything is concentrated into a few powerful AI sliders.

#5 Designed for pros and amateurs

Luminar AI was designed based on the challenges that visual storytellers face when they’re creating, while keeping the tools to allow pros to retain full control over their images.


I tried to answer as many question as possible here.

Feel free to ask more in the comments.

Is Luminar AI the next version of Luminar 4?

Luminar AI is a brand new product and NOT an upgrade to Luminar 4. Luminar 5 and 6 have not yet been confirmed.

Does AI mean the full-automation of photo editing?

No. The main purpose of AI is to make your image editing faster, more creative, and enjoyable. In Luminar AI the most complex and routine tasks are automated. Not matter what, you still maintain complete control over the process.

When will Luminar AI be available?

Luminar AI is expected to ship this holiday season for Mac and WIndows. As we get closer to release, the exact shipping date will be announced.

Who’s an early bird?

An early bird is one of just 30,000 customers who preorder Luminar AI first. The app will be available to you earlier than anyone else. You will also be invited into the Luminar AI Insider program.

Who are Luminar AI Insiders?

This is a private community of people who preorder Luminar AI. They will be able to learn about the new features Skylum is working on. It offers exclusive access to their team, new tutorials, special events, and a some surprises. There is no additional charge to the access.

I own previous versions of Luminar. Do I get a discount?

Yes, everyone who owns a previous version of Luminar or the latest version of Aurora HDR will get a discount. To unlock your special offer you need to enter your activation code or registration email and click the Verify button.

Will Luminar 4 still be supported?

Luminar 4 will keep receiving compatibility and performance updates for at least one year after the new Luminar is released. You won’t be charged for these updates.
Luminar 4 will continue to run as long as your computer meets the system requirements.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

After the product ships, you’ll have a full 30 days to test it out and see if it suits your needs.
In case you’re not 100% satisfied you can request a full refund by contacting support.
Preordering is risk-free and guarantees the best price.

Will Luminar AI be compatible with macOS Big Sur?

Yes, it will be 100% compatible with Big Sur (macOS 11). It will be officially validated once Apple releases a final version towards the end of the year.

On how many devices can I use Luminar AI?

You can use the program on one device – Mac or WIndows – as a standalone application and a plug-in.
You can purchase a license to use it on two or more devices. This costs more than a license for one device, however, it’s cheaper than two separate licenses.
There will also be licenses for small and medium-sized businesses.

Is Luminar AI fast?

The development of Luminar AI was focused on speed, performance, and ease of use.
For actual results, we’ll have to wait to the official release of the software so I can try it out.

Can I migrate Luminar 3/Luminar 4 catalog to Luminar AI?

Since Luminar AI is not just an upgrade but rather a brand-new program, you will no be able to move your catalogs.

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