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You can always ask me to help you make a decision, find a different product, or help you learn to use it. I’m here for you. 🙂

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Awesome Discounts

Below are the products I use every day as a photographer (or have used in the past).

I tested a lot of products, but these worked the best for me. I am sure they will help you as much as they have helped me.

If you decide to purchase any of them, I get a small commission, and you get a discount. It’s a win-win situation. 😋

Lightroom Presets & Luminar 4 LUT (FREE)

As promised, you can download almost 400 Lightroom presets here. You can expect more soon.

  • Easy to install
  • Change the look of your image with 1 click
  • FREE

Luminar 4: AI Photo Editor ($10 OFF)

Luminar 4 has received EISA Award for the Best Product 2019-2020.

To put it in simple term, it is an AI-fueled photo-editing powerhouse.

Since I’ve started using Luminar 4 to edit all my photos, my creativity sky-rocketed. It has tons of simple-to-use tools, which change the look of your photo with just a drag of a slider.

If you want to find out more, you might consider reading the Luminar 4 review.

Use my discount code OTTER10 to get $10 OFF your next purchase.

  • Basic and advanced tools
  • Powerful AI’s
  • Very affordable one-time purchase
  • Great alternative to Lightroom
  • FREE looks included

Aurora HDR 2019: HDR Software (FREE Trial)

Aurora HDR 2019 is a revolutionary software designed specifically to create/merge HDR photos. When I don’t use Lightroom, Aurora HDR 2019 is my go-to tool for HDR merging, it does an amazing job at doing so.

Use my discount code: OTTER10

  • The best HDR software
  • NO credit card required
  • From Skylum – Luminar 4 designer
  • Use code “OTTER10” for $10 discount

ON1: Photo Editing Software for Mac and PC – FREE Trial

I use ON1 to add sunrays into my photos. I prefer it over Luminar 4 due to more realistic results.

Here are some examples: Example #1 | Example #2 | Example #3

  • HDR and Panorama tools included
  • Great performance
  • Numerous creative tools and filters

Siteground: Webhosting (60% off the first year)

I use Siteground to host the Otterreviews.

Before I started using Siteground, I looked into every possible option and Siteground was miles ahead of everyone else.

  • Fast
  • Great value/price ratio
  • Several free built-in options that would otherwise cost you several $100’s/year
  • 60% off the first year

Siteground is the way to go, in my opinion.

If I had to choose again, I’d go for Siteground again. It’s inexpensive and provides a great website performance.

Skillshare: Online Classes (FREE Trial)

Skillshare is a premium online classroom, where you can find courses on any topic.

You can find video tutorials from professional photographers, who will teach you everything they know about photography.

  • Tons of great classes
  • Very reasonable price for the value
  • Free trial
  • World-renowned online classroom

Step-by-Step Tutorial

I prepared a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you from the very start of your photographic career to the point when you start your photos.

If you’ve already mastered a certain step, feel free to skip ahead to the part you’re unsure about.

1. Pick a Camera!

To start your photographic journey you need a camera first, duh. You could argue that a smartphone’s camera is good enough, but trust me, it’s not.

➜ Find out which are the Best Cameras for Beginners

2. Learn How to Take Photos

This step takes the longest to master. It won’t happen all of a sudden. You need to practice. And you will because it’s fun 🙂

➜ These Basic Photography Tips for Beginners will virtually speed-up the process of learning for you.

➜ Planning is key in photography, especially landscape photography. Learn How to Plan Landscape Photos

➜ Here is EVERY factor that affects the sharpness of your photos: How to Take Sharp Photos

3. Photo Editing

Yes, you “need” to edit your photos – if you want to achieve the pro-like results.

➜ Here’s the list of the Best Photo Editors available.

➜ If your mind is almost made up, you can check review of arguably the best two photo editors available: Lightroom and Luminar 4

➜ I highly recommend Luminar 4 for beginners, here’s why.

➜ If you choose Lightroom, here’s how to Sharpen Photos.

➜ Orange and Teal is a very desirable look these days: Learn How to Achieve it.

4. Selling Your Photos

You’ve taken some great photos by now. It’s time to sell them. But where?

You can use either Shutterstock or Alamy, they are both great.